Serpentine Falls Tourist Village

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Serpentine Falls is the main attraction for travellers staying with us and is a huge part of the reason we established the Park in the first place! The Serpentine Falls waterfall is a central feature of the surrounding Serpentine National Park and lies within an incised valley at the base of the Darling Scarp, on the western edge of the Park. The Falls have been attracting visitors for over 100 years, and when you see the stunning landscapes it’s not hard to see why. We can even imagine European settlers enjoying a picnic in the bush back when Perth was first being founded, and not much has changed. The Falls have wonderful amenities for guests to enjoy. Nestled in the Serpentine National Park, Serpentine Falls gives you access to some stunning walking trails as well as a family friendly picnic area with picnic tables, barbeques and toilets.

The Falls are just a 2 km walk from Serpentine Falls Park Home and Tourist Village, or if you would like to drive, there is plenty of parking available at a fee (make sure you take cash!). A picnic lunch is the perfect way to spend a sunny day and July to November is wildflower season so you can visit during these months to experience the stunning native floral display. The Falls are lovely to swim in and are usually quite busy during the warmer months so we suggest getting down there before 10am to pick your spot. The water-polished granite is absolutely stunning and you really get a sense for the grandeur of the Falls while swimming in them which many of our guests do. Summer isn’t the only good time to visit the Falls though, in winter the Falls are flowing far more rapidly, which is a great scene for budding photographers to capture!

You’ll find all types of visitors at Serpentine Falls, from families to young couples and groups of friends; it’s a real crowd pleaser! It also has a special place in WA’s history with the local Aboriginal tribes of the Noongar people relying on the Serpentine National Park and Serpentine River for camping, hunting, and other food sources. The Serpentine Falls is also a great way to access Serpentine National Park, which is a marvel of its own. There is so much to do in Serpentine National Park, it’s not just the enclosed forests, amazing Serpentine River valley, panoramic views over the Swan Costal Plan, stunning rock pools, woodlands and granite outcrops that attract visitors. The Park is also swarming with wildlife with some 70 of 100 bird species known in the area visiting the Park. It is also not unusual to have kangaroos come and check out what’s for lunch when you’re sitting down to a picnic (don’t worry they’re usually pretty tame). You can also go for some incredible bush walks, in particular the Kitty’s Gorge Walk, and spot echidnas, mardo, quenda, brushtail possums, wallabies and maybe even a quokka if you’re super super lucky.

Serpentine Falls really is a must see for WA locals and visitors alike and is so conveniently located next to the Park that it’s impossible not to see whilst visiting us! We have accommodation options for everybody to make your visit that little bit more comfortable and are committed to helping you create an unforgettable getaway for you, your family, friends or loved one!